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Mobile Computer Magnetic Stripe Readers

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The Zebra Technologies portfolio of accessories extends your capabilities, and enables you to lower the total cost of ownership of your Zebra mobile computer.

Magnetic Stripe Readers
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) MSR3000-100R

This magnetic stripe reader enables users to process purchases and read up to three tracks of data with their MC3000/MC3100 mobile computer.

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Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR5500-100R

Reads all three tracks of a magnetic stripe card and accommodates power and communication pass-through while cradled in a single-slot or four-slot cradle, as well as when a charging cable is attached.

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Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) MSR7000-100R

This magnetic stripe reader enables field personnel to use their MC70 or MC75/MC75A Mobile Computers to process purchases and perform other transactions.

Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR9001-100R

Enhance the productivity of your mobile computer by enabling it to read and configure up to three tracks of data with the MSR9001-100R, which also provides charging and communication.