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Mobile Computer Modems

Mobile Computer Accessories Application Photo

The Zebra Technologies portfolio of accessories extends your capabilities, and enables you to lower the total cost of ownership of your Zebra mobile computer.

RS232 Modem Kit KT-70924-01R

This complete modem kit includes everything you need to provide modem connectivity to your MC1000 Mobile Computer.

KT-70924-01R Product Photo
Modem Module Dongle Kit KT-70924-02R

This modem kit for mobile computers allows you to easily convert DC power to AC power while staying connected on the road.

KT7092402R Product Photo on White Background
Modem Kit KT-76270-01R

This kit includes the modem dongle and inverter cable for easy attachment to the MC70 and MC75/MC75A Mobile Computers.

KT-76270-01R Product Photo
RS232 Serial Modem to Single Slot Cradle KT-MC3000SERMODEMR

This serial modem kit provides modem connectivity to a fixed position terminal.

KTMC-3000SERMODEMR Product Photo
Snap-on Modem MDM8100-150

The snap-on modem attachment allows data transfer at 33.6 Kbps from any location with a standard telephone line, for the MC9060-K.

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Snap-on Modem MDM8100-200

The modem attachment for the MC9060-K allows connectivity from any location with a standard telephone line and an RJ-11 jack.

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Modem Module for MC9000 and MC9190-G (Dongle). - MDM9000-100R

Modem Module for MC9000 and MC9190-G (Dongle)

Modem Module MDM9001-C010R

The snap-on modem kit for the MC90xx keeps you connected on the road or during network outages.