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Tablet Carry Accessories

Get the ease of use and protection needed every day, everywhere.

Tablet Carry Accessories

Our innovative and lightweight carry accessories are made from a wide selection of materials to help you carry your ET1 Enterprise Tablet with safety and style.

Carry Accessories
ET1 Hip Holster SG-161551-01R
ET1 Hip Holster with belt
SG-16155-01R-003 Product Photo on White Background
Hand Strap SG-ET0123245-01R

After your sales associate uses the ET1 Enterprise Tablet to locate the perfect jacket for your customer, she slips one hand into the ET1's 360-degree rotatable hand strap and lifts the jacket down with her free hand. The innovative, adjustable, leather SG-ET0123245-01R Hand Strap lets your on-the-go workforce keep a secure grip on the ET1 Enterprise Tablet.

SG-ET0123245-01R Product Photo
Universal Holster Belt SG-UNI02000-01R

1.5 inch wide belt for use with fabric holsters (holster SG-161551-01R purchased separately)

SG-UNI0200-01R Product Photo