Imagers for Hospitality

Imaging provides new ways to connect with guests and build loyalty

Seeking more dynamic and convenient experiences, consumers are increasingly adopting mobile loyalty applications. This creates a growing opportunity for imaging scanners in different types of hospitality environments, such as quick-service restaurants, hotels and event sites. 

Use Mobile to Build Loyalty

Restaurants and hotels are increasingly offering customers the ability to sign up for and track purchases through mobile applications and be rewarded for their loyalty. To redeem rewards, workers scan barcodes generated within the mobile application.

Collect Information from Driver's Licenses

Scanning for identifying information embedded in PDF417 barcodes on driver's licenses allow restaurants, hotels and event sites to verify age and identity for restricted event and to manage the sale of alcohol.

Accept Mobile Payments

In quick-service restaurants, customers can upload a loyalty gift card onto a store app, generating a mobile barcode that can be used for purchases.

Embrace Mobile Coupons

When customers sign up for a loyalty program, a quick-service establishment can track orders and send them targeted offers based on their purchase history.


PDF417 and QR codes are commonly used symbologies in hospitality. If you're only able to capture 1D barcodes, you're missing opportunities to serve and learn more about guests.

QR Code(top) and PDF417 (bottom)
Note: Sample codes, not for scanning


Top Imagers for Hospitality

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Handheld corded or cordless imager

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Customer concierge

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Barcode scanner



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