Zebra Card Java SDK for ZXP Card Printers

Link-OS™ Multiplatform SDK for ZXP Card Printers


Now use Link-OS Java SDK to create custom apps in the Java environment for card print and issuance applications with Zebra ZXP Card Printers.

The robust Link-OS™ Multiplatform Software Development Kit enables application developers to integration card printing to their PC based applications.  The Link-OS SDK makes creating powerful Linux-based applications for card printing simple and straightforward.

This SDK lets you save considerable time as you develop your own solutions.

  • Expanded demos and extensive documentation for Card Printing
  • Develop apps for PCs using Windows®, Linux, and MacOS
  • Supports Java, Objective C, C# and VB


For more information and/or SDK support, please send and email to card_sdk_questions@zebra.com

Java SDK Files for ZXP Series Printers


Supported ZXP Card Printers

•ZXP Series 1

•ZXP Series 3

•ZXP Series 3C

•ZXP Series 7

•ZXP Series 8

•ZXP Series 9

Some of the basic printer functions supported by the Link-OS Java SDK for card include (Printer configuration/option dependent):

•Card Printing (Color/Mono, Single and Dual Side)

•Card Feeding, Card Movement Ejecting Cards

•Card Cleaning

•Magnetic Stripe Encoding Cards

•Barcode Support

•Error Handling


•Printer Status

•Encoding over Ethernet