DX30 / SmartDEX Solution

Eliminate cable failures

The DX30/SmartDEX revolutionary wireless DEX solution brings pain-free DEX communications to Zebra’s Windows® and Android™ mobile computers. The wireless DX30 eliminates cable failures, while our SmartDEX application delivers plug-and-play operation and improved transmission reliability on your Zebra mobile computers.

Wireless, Fast and Easy
DEX Connectivy

  • Eliminate Wired Accessory Failure

    With the DX30 secure Bluetooth® keyfob, you can replace your wired DEX accessory and eliminate common cable failure without changing your existing DEX workflow and line of business software.

  • Easier To Use

    With the SmartDEX application running on your Zebra mobile computers, you get plug-and-play operation for fast and easy deployment on Zebra Windows 6.5 or Android mobile computers. Plus you are no longer burdened with creating and maintaining DEX communications.

  • Revolutionary

    With DX30 and SmartDEX, your DEX solution is as modern as your mobile computer, making it easier and less costly to create DEX line-of-business applications. The result is higher application uptime with fewer failures and increased driver productivity.

Man in warehouse using Zebra DX30

Wireless DEX Connectivity

DX30 / SmartDX

DX30 / SmartDEX

The DX30 wireless keyfob is the ideal Windows® and Android™ solution that eliminates downtime associated with cable failures, adds mobility for the user, and easily pairs to select mobile computers via Bluetooth, NFC or barcode scanning. The powerful rechargeable internal battery with advanced battery power-saving technology provides an average of a full month of battery charge. Combine with SmartDEX software, a part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA family of applications, will deliver plug-n-play line-of-business operation, superior transmission reliability, fast remote error resolution, and analytics to minimize direct store delivery driver downtime. DX30 and SmartDEX – the revolutionary and pain free wireless DEX communication solution.

  • Dimensions

    3.15 in. H x 1.77 in. W x 0.98 in. D

  • Weight

    3.6 oz./102 g

  • Zebra Mobile Computer Compatibility

    Zebra Android Field Mobility Computer Terminals

  • Environmental Sealing


  • Drop Specification

    Multiple 4 ft / 1.2 m drop to concrete

  • Battery Life

    Estimated battery cycle time of one month


    Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)
    Backward compatibility with Bluetooth 3.0
    NFC Pairing

  • Handheld Mobile Computers

  • Software

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