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PowerPrecision Console

Prevent Aging Batteries From Reducing Worker Productivity

Introducing PowerPrecision Console, a free Zebra Mobility DNA solution that provides all the information you need to identify and remove aging batteries from your battery pool before they impact workforce productivity. The result? Increased workforce productivity. Increased mobile device uptime. And a smaller battery pool to purchase and manage.

  • Easy to Deploy

    Just activate the PowerPrecision Console client software on your Zebra mobile devices to collect battery health information. Then install the PowerPrecision Console app on any existing server to collect and present battery information on your dashboard.

  • So Easy Anyone Can Use It

    The simple stoplight-style battery health indicators make it easy to see when and which batteries to retire - and you define the parameters for the various battery states. You can view all batteries or only batteries in a specific device type - and you can drill down into the details of a specific battery with one click.

  • Full Control Over Timely Action

    Automatically send custom notifications to direct users to remove and discard batteries. Control when actions are completed with configurable pop-up windows. You can require users to perform the action before the popup window will disappear - or you can allow the user to 'snooze' the alert for whatever timeframe you desire. And you can define the number of times users can hit the 'snooze' button.

  • Handheld Mobile Computers

    Single-device simplicity designed for retail, public agencies, logistics and mobile fleets.

    Handheld Mobile Computers

  • Mobile Computing Software

    Take your mobility solution to the next level with powerful software.

    Mobile Computing Software

  • Printer Software

    Create customized print solutions or connect your printers to the cloud with Zebra printer software solutions.

    Printer Software

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