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Virtual Tether

Virtual Tether Software

Maximize Cordless Scanner Availability

Easily keep track of your cordless scanners and prevent workflow interruptions caused by a misplaced device. With Virtual Tether, both the scanner and cradle will alert users when a scanner is taken beyond its Bluetooth range or left off the charger for a predefined length of time. As a result, your cordless scanners are always where they should be, fully charged and ready for the next task. This flexible solution can be easily configured to meet virtually any environment, from a noisy warehouse floor to a night shift in the ICU.

The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Prevent Workflow Interruptions

    With a can’t-miss combination of alerts, users will know right away if they’re about to leave a cordless scanner behind or lose the Bluetooth connection with the host. Virtual Tether can also remind users to return the scanner to its charger: the cradle’s LEDs will flash whenever a device has been out of the cradle and not in use for a predefined amount of time.

  • Flexible Configurations

    Set your preferred combination of scanner and cradle notifications, including scanner LED, scanner illumination, scanner haptics, scanner audible tone, cradle audible tone and cradle LED (available notifications vary by scanner model). When a healthcare scanner is in Night Mode, audio alerts are automatically disabled, while visual and haptic alerts stay active.

  • Easy to Integrate

    The Zebra Scanner SDK lets you extend Virtual Tether’s capabilities. For example, send an alert to the nurse desk, POS system or IT department when a scanner’s connection to its host has been broken. Virtual Tether is fully integrated with other Zebra software tools, including Remote Diagnostics’ logging agent, Scanner Control App and Scan-to-Connect.

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