AirDefense Bluetooth® Monitoring

AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Bluetooth® Monitoring is the world’s only solution for detecting suspicious Bluetooth devices, allowing retailers to address the very latest retail threat — the Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmer. The cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution can be up and running in as little as a day, improving payment card security without increasing operational costs.

Simply plug an off-the-shelf IOGear GBU321 Bluetooth device into one of the USB ports on Zebra's modular AP 8132 802.11n access point and install or update the standard AirDefense Services Platform to monitor the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth spectrum for rogue devices, all through a single management interface — there is no need to purchase and manage a separate overlay infrastructure or allocate staff to physically check POS stations for skimmers. And with granular rule-based policies, you can easily define different classes of devices which eliminate false alarms generated by Bluetooth-enabled devices in the hands of your customers, your associates and workers in neighboring businesses. 

World’s first solution for detecting and identifying rogue Bluetooth devices: Traditionally, retailers could only monitor for rogue Wi-Fi devices, making it nearly impossible to catch the new generation of Bluetooth skimmers. But, as soon as the first reports surfaced of this new Bluetooth-based threat, Zebra began working on a solution. The result is the industry’s first and only solution for finding suspicious Bluetooth devices and protecting against this growing threat.

Cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution: Bluetooth Monitoring is included with AirDefense WLAN security suite at no extra cost. Your retail customers just need to purchase an off-the-shelf Bluetooth adapter, plug it into a Zebra AP 8132 access point and install ADSP. There’s no need to deploy and manage a separate network of Bluetooth devices.

Easy to use: Since Bluetooth Monitoring is included in ADSP, retailers can now monitor both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth spectrum with a single solution. Not only is the user interface highly intuitive, it is familiar for existing ADSP users - virtually eliminating any learning curve and the need for training. In addition, flexible, rule-based policies are specially designed for Bluetooth monitoring to ensure the accurate identification.

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