You have invested in wireless technology and mobile devices to help drive efficiency and automate workflow throughout your organisation. Now you rely on your mobile devices to perform flawlessly day after day. A non-functioning device means that someone cannot do his or her job, which can reverberate throughout the process chain. Either a replacement device must be found quickly or you will have to revert to slower and error-prone manual processes; the impact of lost time and reduced productivity can have far-reaching implications in your operations.

Now more than ever, resources must be carefully managed to balance operational expenditure against the cost of achieving productivity gains. Zebra can help with an approach that incorporates proven methodologies, highly qualified people and industry-leading tools to facilitate remote visibility, management and control of your mobile assets. Our goal is to keep your devices at peak performance longer and reduce the number of devices returned to the service centre for repair. You can then focus on using the devices effectively to run your business.


Zebra's Managed Device Service provides a cost-effective end-to-end management solution for all your mobile assets, regardless of the vendor or manufacturer. Using a combination of proactive and reactive methods, supported by Zebra's device management platform, we help you keep your devices operational and managed efficiently and effectively for the right price.

Zebra's Managed Device Service comprises two fundamental components: Helpdesk Support, which provides problem resolution by telephone while utilizing specialized tools for remote triage; and proactive Device Management provided through Zebra's Managed Services Delivery Centre. To help ensure maximum availability and uptime, the service is customized to meet your specific device management requirements.

Zebra's experienced device management helpdesk provides the first point of contact for your users. Staffed by experienced operators who troubleshoot mobile computing device issues every day, they log into the problem device at your request, allowing them to control the device, identify and resolve the issue with minimal user involvement. Problems resolved in the field reduce the number of devices returned for hardware repair, increasing device availability at your locations and reducing costs.

With expert management of your mobile assets, Zebra's global Managed Services Delivery Centre provides additional services that help to further increase device availability, such as identifying lost or stolen devices, strict version control for software and applications, device usage profiling, battery management and proactive device testing. You can be assured that device uptime and availability will be optimized with Zebra's Managed Device Service.


Zebra Technologies Corporation is a global leader respected for innovation and reliability. Zebra offers an extensive range of asset-tracking technologies incorporating mobile computing, data capture, barcode, wireless LAN, RFID, location systems and Zatar™, the cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform. These technologies make businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. Zebra’s tracking and visibility solutions transform the physical to digital, creating the data streams businesses need in order to simplify operations, know more about their business, and empower their mobile workforce. Zebra’s products and solutions are used around the world by industries including healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and sports—for a variety of applications from improving patient safety; to eliminating checkout lines with mobile devices; to streamlining warehouse operations and adding a new dimension to professional sports and entertainment with real-time information.

For more information about our complete range of services or to purchase Managed Device Service, please contact your Zebra sales representative or visit us at the Services for Enterprises section on the web at: www.zebra.com/services

AT-A-GLANCE: Managed Device Service

Helpdesk Support Zebra's device management helpdesk provides a first point of contact for your users.
  • Telephone technical support provided by highly qualified Level 1 and Level 2 Zebra support technicians (24/7 option available)
  • Remote troubleshooting and issue resolution with minimal end user involvement
Monitoring & Prevention Zebra manages and performs time-based actions such as profile management, refreshes, and problem identification and resolution on your devices during slower periods or when devices, are not in use - helping ensure that when needed, the devices are ready and operational. Other potential actions include:
  • Remote reset and reboot of device when not in use so they are fresh for the next shift
  • Remote check of device to ensure it is back on the system and functional
  • Problem devices identified, triaged and fixed remotely when possible
  • Monitoring of battery utilisation to help determine when batteries need replacing or device settings need to be optimised
Asset Management Zebra tracks and maintains detailed information about each of your mobile devices so you know where your devices are located and how they are being used. Stolen or lost devices can be quickly identified - and wiped clean to help protect your vital business assets. Scheduled reporting and analysis provides insight into your operational environment, enabling you to optimize your business and investment.
Software Management Zebra plans and executes software updates remotely, removing the need to physically return devices to a central location for update and refresh. Devices can be dynamically updated on demand, or based on an agreed rollout plan, providing you with control of your environment and updates without burdening your operational staff. When combined with Asset Management, Monitoring and Prevention, you have a comprehensive solution to proactively maintain peak operational performance.
Reporting Zebra provides detailed reporting and analytics on all aspects of your device estate. Examples include: reporting and analysis of device utilization across your estate to optimize distribution of your assets; and battery analytics to ensure your devices perform at optimum levels.

NOTE: For complete programme details and information about availability in a specific country or geography, please contact your local Zebra representative.