PowerPrecision Battery Solutions

PowerPrecision Battery Solutions


Without detailed information on the batteries in your mobile computers, your workers can find themselves with a fully discharged battery, unable to work and forced to go in search of a replacement — impacting productivity and customer service quality. Now, Zebra addresses these issues with three solutions: PowerPrecision management software, PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ smart Batteries. These intelligent batteries have the integrated technology required to collect the detailed real-time battery metrics needed to maximize useful battery life and ensure every battery in the battery pool is healthy, able to hold a full charge. PowerPrecision Battery Management software completes the solution, providing a single centralized window into the state of all the batteries in your mobile devices, plus the ability to automatically alert users when a battery needs to be replaced or retired. PowerPrecision — the easy way to provide every worker with full-shift battery power.


While all batteries may look alike, quality and performance can vary dramatically. Zebra PowerPrecision batteries are designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards required to deliver superior performance and reliability. We start with premium high-grade cells that have a higher capacity, providing longer life cycles than the typical competitive battery. The strong robust housing increases durability, while a design that helps prevent overcharging and electrical shock improves safety.


The typical battery today allows users to see the percentage of battery power remaining in a specific cycle. But users have no idea if the battery is aging and is no longer capable of holding a full charge. The PowerPrecision battery family from Zebra changes that by providing that precise information to users and IT. Technology inside the batteries tracks and maintains the metrics required to provide real-time visibility into more meaningful battery statistics — such as total cycle usage of the battery, whether the battery is old and should be retired or how long a battery will take to fully charge. PowerPrecision batteries provide state of health and state of charge information, while PowerPrecision+ batteries provide additional intelligence — for example, remaining charge capacity is calculated based on the current usage profile, while predictions for end-of-life are improved through access to the historical usage and aging of the battery.


PowerPrecision Battery Management software revolutionizes battery management. Now, IT can see the metrics of all PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries in all mobile devices in a single centralized location. With visibility into the real-time state of health and state of charge, you can automatically send users a customized message when the batteries need to be changed, complete with specific information, such as where to take the device or who to contact to get a replacement. The result? Every user can now start every shift with a healthy fully-charged battery that will last a full shift — no more time spent hunting down charged batteries, time that could be much better spent on task. And aging batteries are easily identified and removed from the battery pool, ensuring that every battery in service is healthy and capable of holding a full charge, protecting user productivity.

PowerPrecision batteries — the precise information you need to get the most from your mobile computer batteries.

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PowerPrecision Battery PowerPrecision+ Battery PowerPrecision Battery Management
Basic State of Health:
Defines battery state as healthy and able to hold a full charge or unhealthy and unable to hold a full charge. State of health is calculated utilizing the total charge accumulated and the defined threshold IT selects to identify when a battery is no longer capable of holding a full charge and should be retired.
Advanced State of Health:
Internal battery gas gauge dynamically tracks and stores battery performance and capacity degradation to calculate a highly accurate end-of-life prediction.
State of Health on User Interface:
The battery management application displays the health of a battery on the mobile device screen as a five star rating and a “stoplight-style” health status light to identify if the battery is healthy and can hold a full charge (green); reaching the end of its life and no longer able to hold a full charge (yellow) or at the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced (red).
Basic State of Charge:
Shows the remaining battery power expressed as a percent
Advanced State of Charge:
Shows the remaining battery power based on two factors:  present charge and present real-time usage patterns of the device. Dynamic usage patterns are constantly calculated, factoring in criteria such as the applications that are in use and scanning frequency.
State of Charge on User Interface:
The battery management application displays the current charge on the mobile device screen as a percentage of the total capacity of the battery and determines if the battery has enough charge to last a full shift.
Metrics and Capabilities    
Battery Management software Battery Management software Battery charge represented as percentage of the total capacity
Total charge accumulated since first use Total charge accumulated since first use Battery health indicates when the battery needs to be replaced
Battery temperature Battery temperature Battery cycle count tracks the number of times the battery has been charged
Serial number Serial number Customize notifications: create messages that can be delivered to users based on battery health
Part number and revision Part number and revision Centralized information allows the integration of the battery information into Mobile Device Management applications
Date of manufacture Date of manufacture Available now for:
Windows CE7: MC92, WT41, Omnii XT15, Workabout Pro 4
Windows Mobile 6.5.3: MC91, MC31, MC92, MC95, EP10, Workabout Pro 4, MC65 and MC67
Available 2Q 2014:
Windows CE 6: MC91 and MC31
Android: MC40, MC67 and TC 55
Future new products compatible with  PowerPrecision Battery Solution
Battery capacity Battery capacity  
Gas gauging: running tally of the amount of charge gathered by the battery; mobile device utilizes the data to perform state of health calculations Gas gauging: information tracking, storage and computations utilizing multiple data types are handled in the battery itself for more granular and accurate data  
  Cell impedence tracking  
  Dynamic capacity tracking  
  Charge received tracked by type of charger  
  Total time battery has been in service  
  Stores real-time battery characteristics and the battery usage profile (power consumption based on user actions).  
  Continuous self-calibration