RhoConnect is the easiest and fastest way to connect mobile applications to business data and ensure users have access to that data — whether they are inside your facility or out in the field. A large percentage of application development is devoted to making the connections to the backend business systems. RhoConnect substantially reduces this effort by creating and managing those connections for you, including tracking data to be synced when offline users obtain a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


Creating the most valuable mobile applications often requires integrating data from a backend data source — a very time consuming and costly effort. With RhoConnect, you can easily connect your application to virtually any data source — including SAP , Siebel and Oracle. RhoConnect serves as a translator, obtaining and serving the data in the proper format to all the different types of devices running your RhoElements application. As a result, you are free to create an application that will deliver the strongest business benefit, without worrying about development time and cost. And if required, RhoConnect can even pull data from multiple sources, just as easily as a single source.


A sophisticated synchronization engine tracks the data that is on each device when users are offline, automatically identifying and synchronizing only the data that has changed on both mobile devices and backend application servers — instead of entire databases. Since the data is always resident locally, apps appear much more responsive than apps that need to retrieve real-time data over the wire. In addition, RhoConnect can be utilized with RhoElements apps or any native application development environment, including iOS Objective-C and Android Java.


RhoConnect is the only data synchronization server that lets you use modern “NoSQL” servers for data caching, instead of a relational database. The result is a sync solution that is faster and more scalable than existing mobile sync servers, improving application performance.

Effortlessly connect your mobile applications to backend business systems with the development language of your choice.

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RhoMobile Suite — It’s always what’s next.

RhoMobile Suite; developer-centered, enterprise-focused, future-ready. With countless ways forward, it’s always what’s next.
RhoMobile Suite is a powerful set of development tools that help businesses mobilize their workers, no matter what technology is in their hands. With RhoMobile Suite, you can develop, integrate, host and manage applications that work across platforms, from iOS to Android to Windows Mobile to systems that don’t even exist yet, on both consumer and enterprise devices. RhoMobile Suite includes:

RhoElements: Cross platform development framework for enterprise applications
Rhodes: Cross platform development framework for consumer applications
RhoStudio: One tool simplicity for application development, debugging and testing
RhoConnect: The fastest and easiest integration of backend business data to mobile devices
RhoHub: Hosted services that simplify mobile application development and deployment
RhoGallery: An enterprise app store to deploy, manage and secure mobile apps


Supported Backends SAP , Siebel, Oracle, SFDC , SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, WebServices, DB ’s and many more…
Server Plug-ins .NET , Java, Ruby on Rails for zero code integration
Supported Applications RhoElements, Objective-C, Java & Javascript based applications such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator
System Requirements 4GB RAM , 2x2.9 GH Z, RedHat 6.1, Apache 2.4.1, Phusion Passenger 3.0.7, Ruby 1.8.7, Redis 2.4.9 (8GB RAM )