Build mission critical cross-platform applications with RhoElements mobile application development platform. RhoElements is engineered to enable the creation of simple to complex data-driven enterprise applications that can run online and offline, and are easy to scale and easy to maintain. Its modern approach reduces application development time, allowing you to focus on what is most important — building the best applications. And with cross platform support, the application you build can run on the widest array of operating systems, including Android, Apple iOS , Windows® Embedded Handheld, Windows® CE and Windows® Phone 8.


With RhoElements cross-platform support, you no longer need multiple development teams to support multiple operating systems. In addition, a single set of web technologies can be used to develop apps for multiple platforms, eliminating excess coding. As a result, personnel and time requirements are substantially reduced, allowing you to build richer applications with more functionality, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.


RhoElements applications are free from the limitations that operating systems place on user interface (UI) design. With a true blank slate that leverages HTML 5 technologies, you can easily create business applications that are every bit as elegant-looking and intuitive as consumer applications.


A set of Application Programming Interfaces (AP Is) allows you to easily incorporate any function present on any mobile device into your applications — regardless of whether that function is native to the device or provided through an add-on accessory. The AP Is are consistent, regardless of the operating system. For example, using the same code base, users can scan a bar code, capture a signature, process a payment card or read an RFID tag on different mobile devices.


With RhoElements, you can deploy both hybrid and native HTML 5 applications on any mobile device — regardless of whether they are consumer apps created with Rhodes or enterprise apps created with RhoElements. In addition, with the ability to store data locally on the mobile device and the introduction of RhoConnect, working offline has never been easier. You can design your application to operate in a fully connected or disconnected environment, so users never need to worry about network connectivity again.

Take the pain out of cross-platform application development.

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Supported Platforms Android 2.1+, Apple iOS 5.0+, Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows CE 5.0+ and
Windows Phone 8
Device Capabilities Bar code scanning, camera, Bluetooth, printing, indicators, file management, alerts, audio/video, MS R, signature capture and many more…
HTML 5 Features App Caching, WebSockets, WebWorkers, Local & Session Storage, SQLite, Semantic Elements, Form Attributes
Design Practices MVC patterns for maintainability and best practices, ORM for easy data manipulation
Technologies HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Ruby, SVG, Canvas
Supported Devices Supported devices include Apple, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Zebra Mobile Computers.
The following Zebra devices are supported: TC55, ES400, ET1, ET1 WAN , MC2100, MC2180, MC3000, MC3090,
MC3090Z, MC3100R, MC3100S, MC3190G, MC3190R, MC3190S, MC40, MC45, MC5574, MC5590, MC55A0,
MC55N0, MC659B, MC67, MC7004, MC7090, MC7094, MC7095, MC7506, MC7508, MC7596, MC7598, MC75A0,
MC75A6, MC75A8, MC9090, MC9097, MC9094, MC9190G, MC92N0, MC9590, MC9596, MC9598, MC959B (WM
6.1), VC5090, VC6000, VC6096, VC70, MK 3000, MK 3090, MK 3100, MK 3190, MK 4000, MK 4090, WT 4070, WT 4090 and
WT 41N0 (Please visit for the latest list of compatible devices.)

RhoMobile Suite — It’s always what’s next.

RhoMobile Suite; developer-centered, enterprise-focused, future-ready. With countless ways forward, it’s always what’s next.
RhoMobile Suite is a powerful set of development tools that help businesses mobilize their workers, no matter what technology is in their hands. With RhoMobile Suite, you can develop, integrate, host and manage applications that work across platforms, from iOS to Android to Windows Mobile to systems that don’t even exist yet, on both consumer and enterprise devices. RhoMobile Suite includes:
RhoElements:Cross platform development framework for enterprise applications
Rhodes:Cross platform development framework for consumer applications
RhoStudio:One tool simplicity for application development, debugging and testing
RhoConnect:The fastest and easiest integration of backend business data to mobile devices
RhoHub: Hosted services that simplify mobile application development and deployment
RhoGallery: An enterprise app store to deploy, manage and secure mobile apps