TC77 front

TC72 and TC77 Touch Computers

The ultimate ultra-rugged all-touch computers for workers inside the four walls and outdoors.

TC57 front

TC52 and TC57 Touch Computers

The ultimate rugged enterprise touch computer for inside and outside the four walls.

PS20 front

Deliver the Ultimate In-Store Shopping Experience

Give every customer the ultimate personalized shopping experience with the next generation shopping assistant, the PS20 Personal Shopper.

Warehouse floor with boxes

Location Technologies

Stay connected and stay in control with our end-to-end solutions, featuring hardware that captures data (including UWB Active RFID, WhereNet Active RFID, Bluetooth® low energy technology, Passive RFID, as well as 3rd-party locate sensing hardware). In addition, we have more fixed, handheld and portable RFID systems installed than any other provider. Learn more about the hardware that powers our solutions and empowers your business.

Fireman using Zebra Rugged Tablet

Xplore is Now a Part of Zebra Technologies

Offering a complete line of rugged tablets is the newest way Zebra delivers a performance edge to the front line of business.

Zebra 2D Imagers

Lighting the Way to Better Imaging Technology

New applications in 2D imaging are enhancing productivity and efficiency across industries. Zebra provides cutting-edge scanning technology for any size business.

TC52-HC Touch Computer, front

TC52-HC Touch Computer

Give your healthcare staff everything they need to provide every patient with the highest quality of care. The TC52-HC Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and capabilities to deliver the ultimate device for today’s healthcare workers.

Worker using MC9300 mobile computer at port

The MC9300 ultra-rugged mobile touch computer is the ultimate Android ultra-rugged combination keypad/touch mobile computer.

TC8300 scanning a barcode

The revolutionary enterprise touch computer with the ultimate Android platform.

mc3390r rfid reader scanning in airplane cabin

Best-in-class RFID read range with a POWERFUL Android platform.

DS9908 scanning cooking pot in store

Experience the one platform that does it all.

TC20 Mobile Computer Held in Hand

The rugged TC20 mobile computer features an integrated barcode scanner and all-day power – key features to boost sales and profitability in your store.