Damage-Resistant Displays

Given the extreme environments that Zebra rugged tablets experience every day, we know that our damage-resistant screens must be strong, drop-resistant and outdoor viewable under any circumstance. That's why we use chemically strengthened glass screens on all of our rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged tablet PCs, and why we've chosen Corning® Gorilla® Glass as the foundation for many of our toughest damage-resistant tablet displays.

Chemically-Hardened, Damage-Resistant Tablet Screens

Based on a comprehensive understanding on how glass breaks, Corning® created Gorilla® Glass to better survive the real-world events that commonly cause glass failure. Designed specifically for tough mobile PCs, Corning’s Gorilla® Glass improves display screen durability and damage resistance without adding weight to Zebra rugged, fully rugged tablet PCs. In fact, all of the chemically strengthened glass technologies we use in our rugged tablet lineup feature a lightweight, damage-resistant display. That's why Zebra's tough tablets hold strong during drops, bumps and bruises that occur during typical handling.

Damage-Resistant Features

A variety of features come together in a strong, damage-resistant glass that is ideal for Zebra rugged tablet PCs, including:

  • Chemically strengthened to withstand high-volume user interaction and repetitive motion
  • Highly durable cover glass for increased lifespan of rugged tablet PCs
  • Adds protection without impacting pen response
  • Increased ability to resist and withstand damages compared to rugged mobile device without Gorilla Glass
  • Retains its performance advantage even when used in thin form factors
  • Retains optical characteristics after extended use and abuse
  • Retaihns strength over time
  • Water, chemical and disinfectant-resistant coating that is easy to clean and remove dust, dirt, or other elements.

Zebra Damage-Resistant Display

Zebra’s rugged mobile computers are built with high quality damage resistant Gorilla Glass displays. With advanced capability to withstand damages and remain strong over time, it’s perfect for solving both industrial and out-on-the-field mobile business challenges. Contact us today to determine which of our rugged tablets, handhelds, or 2-in-1 computers with advanced damage resistant displays are right for your team or business.

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