Slip-Free Grip

Slip-free grip on Zebra F5 rugged tablet computer

Whether your "office" is primarily in an oil field, in a clinical research lab or in a utility bucket truck raised 100 feet up in the air to a power line, your rugged tablet is responsible for capturing, storing and sharing data vital to your operations. Don't let your hard work slip away due to wet or humid conditions. Zebra slip-resistant tablet PCs secure your data and applications comfortably in the palm of your hand, no matter how long or how far you're on your feet.

Zebra Slip-Resistant Tablets

Zebra's slip-free tablet PCs help you securely handle your hard work. With their slip-free grip and molded handle, Zebra slip-resistant rugged tablets give you a secure but comfortable way to carry your work everywhere you need to go, even when the tough mobile PC is exposed to wet and/or humid environments. We've even equipped some digitizer pens with a rubberized, ribbed grip to provide a comfortable and slip-free surface for handwritten data entries onto your Zebra rugged tablet.

  • Smooth, rubber handle for an excellent slip-free grip, with discreet built-in slot for stylus
  • Padded handle and wide strap provide greater comfort over period of extended use
  • Adjustable backstrap secures slip resistant tablet to hand for simplified transport and one-handed use
  • Ergonomically balanced digitizer pen with wide-diameter, rubber grip

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