Printer Installation

Printer Install, Configuration and Assist Service

Step-by-step support ensuring a quality implementation of your business-critical Zebra printer.

Zebra printers play a vital role in your business operations. All too often, however, they are introduced as one of the last steps in your project’s timeline. An efficient and well defined implementation is a critical step in delivering your project on time, on budget and producing the anticipated benefits from your new technology investment. 

With Zebra’s Install & Configure Assist (ICA) service, you can mitigate the common missteps that occur in a significant number of deployments, therefore decreasing deployment time and improving the performance of your printer.

ICA Features

• Highest Call Priority: Direct, dedicated Zebra expert call support;
• Engineered Process: Step-by-step call support focused on the successful deployment of your Zebra printer;
• Guided Tool Use: Expertly led, efficiently gathered information collection and collaboration via Zebra printer set-up tools.

Zebra Install and Configure Assist (ICA) Service Fact Sheet

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Supporting Your Mission-Critical Process

You have purchased your Zebra® printer to assist in streamlining your business processes to improve overall operational efficiency and accuracy. Zebra’s cost-effective ICA service quickly gets your printer installed and printing to drive down your costs and increase your workforce productivity.

Expert Installation Support

Zebra’s ICA service provides dedicated installation expertise to efficiently deploy your printer and optimize its many different capabilities. Whether this is your first thermal printer install or you are expanding your printing capabilities, Zebra’s experts will assist in getting the most productivity out of your printer. Powering up, connecting to a network, what media to use? Zebra will lead you through a step- by-step process with guided set-up utility tool to get your printer efficiently deployed and printing.

Proceed with Confidence

Utilizing Zebra’s vast installation knowledge, you are not only getting expertise for the fastest implementation of your printer, but also optimizing the printer to get the best long-term productivity for your application. Purchase the ICA service together with your printer and cost-effectively manage your workforce, keeping them focused on your business.