WLAN Management

Expand your WLAN without additional IT staff

IT professional on desktop computer, managing a WLAN network with a customized dashboard

Assuring predictable performance and availability of your WLAN environment is a key consideration for organizations operating business-critical WLANs. Maintaining a trouble-free WLAN environment requires specialized skills as well as continuous updating of tools, infrastructure and business processes.

The growing importance of WLANs to business operations combined with its increasing complexity and specialized needs is demanding greater levels of IT attention at a time when that attention is better focused elsewhere.

The WLAN Management service facilitates WLAN expansion without ongoing investment in IT staff and tools to support. Offering full Zebra management of your WLAN with SLA Guaranteed performance as well as support for value-added services, WLAN Management addresses the wide range of threats to WLAN performance while delivering guaranteed levels of services, predictable costs and flexibility.

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Improve business operations and productivity
Through improved performance and availability of your WLAN platform

Increased user confidence and transfer of operational risk to Zebra 
Improved WLAN security when your robust wireless network is planned and managed to support business-critical enterprise applications

Mitigate technological obsolescence risk 
Technology updates and refresh options are incorporated


Guaranteed levels of service 
Predictable service models combine defined service levels with monthly recurring charge-based pricing, and remote and on-site troubleshooting with defined service level agreements

Round-the-clock proactive monitoring and maintenance  
An expert team is responsible for maintaining the performance and availability of your wireless network

Financial models allow for greater use of funding sources  
Focus on operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure