WLAN Security Management

LET US find and close security gaps, while ensuring compliance

Maintaining the security of your WLAN is key to protecting the integrity of your mobile IT environment. But securing a wireless network is a unique technical challenge that requires special expertise and resources and failure to meet the challenge can be very costly, indeed – just ask any company that has faced the regulatory, financial and public relations consequences of a serious security breach.

For organizations concerned with meeting compliance requirements, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS), there is also a need for a capability that identifies and mitigates the threats that rogue devices pose to WLAN networks.

Our Wireless LAN Security Management service is designed to identify and close the security gaps that could compromise your information systems, while ensuring that compliance with your security policies is maintained. With Zebra assuming full responsibility for managing your wireless security, you can maintain both your mobility and your confidence.




Security and compliance 
24/7 security policy monitoring with specialized tools to ensure rogue elimination, intrusion prevention, automated defenses and forensic analysis

Configuration management 
Ongoing maintenance of sensor firmware and ongoing software release management

Fault monitoring 
24/7 monitoring of security elements under Zebra management with support for fault detection (system outages) and troubleshooting, case management and on-site dispatch