WLAN Cloud Services

The full set of lifecycle services for your WLAN operation

While premise-based WLAN service tools are widely available, they do not always provide the mix of functionality required at a cost point that matches customer need. WLAN Cloud Services change the equation. With a SaaS delivery model and rich functionality, you can select the software functions that your business requires and pay as you go. From network planning to management to mitigating threats and ensuring your network is ready for the daily tasks that it is designed to serve, we help you get the most from your WLAN investment.



Features & Benefits

Zebra's WLAN Cloud Services allow enterprises to cost-effectively deploy, protect and manage business-critical wireless local area networks (WLAN). Building on the rich feature sets of our WiNG Cloud Controller and Air Defense Services Platform, WLAN Cloud Services add network planning and additional value-added services to give enterprises a set of powerful new tools for maximizing the performance of their WLAN networks.

Developed for Software-as-a-Service delivery, this capability is ideal for organizations that have identified a need to improve full life-cycle management of their WLAN, but have not found a solution with the mix of functionality and at a cost point that matches their requirements.

Our solution provides users Cloud-based access to the following services:

Supports RF coverage planning and allows user to develop network designs which optimize WLAN and WLAN-based application performance.

WLAN Controller 
Provides control of Zebra WiNG WLAN environments with no requirement for physical controller. All functions associated with AP setup & configuration accessed through a simple URL interface.


Enables monitoring and configuration multi-vendor AP environments. Scalable to thousands of APs across multiple sites.

Address security threats to WLAN operation with best-in-class rogue detection and mitigation tools. Support for compliance management and reporting.

Proactive testing combined with remote troubleshooting and industry-leading forensics capability ensure WLAN network and application availability in business-critical environments

Value-added Services 
Service capabilities on top of the core operational capabilities that address emerging use of WLAN networks (e.g. Location Based Services or BYOD)

Proximity Awareness
Identifies customer proximity and supports interaction using rule based push to deliver benefits like personalized messages, coupons or assistance.