Help Desk

Centralized and layered technical support experts help solve even the most complex network issues quickly and effectively.

Zebra Help Desk is staffed by trained, skilled technologists specializing in the diagnosis and swift resolution of network performance issues.

With access to a solutions database, in-house test labs and Zebra development engineers, Technical Support helps solve even the most challenging network issues and ensures that any network issue is professionally and consistently handled in the shortest possible timeframe.

Continuously monitored against stringent inbound call management and case management standards recognized as industry best-in-class, Technical Support service translates into measurable, customer-specific metrics for assured network performance and system availability.



Features & Benefits

Available whenever you need it 
Highly trained Zebra System Technologists provide expert technical support whenever you need it, 24/7/365

Easy to use 
One number to call for help on all system-related issues

State-of-the-art test lab 
Test lab populated with systems like yours for in-house laboratory simulations that can duplicate your issue

Knowledge database 
Our technologists have direct access to a continuously updated knowledge database of common issues and solutions to speed resolution

Layered support 
Technologists can also quickly engage development engineers if required to help resolve even the most complex issues

Rapid, consistent resolution 
Expert resources, sophisticated tools, and proven, defined severity levels and case management methodology ensures rapid response and resolution