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Intelligent Automation: Optimize People and Resources

The Smarter Way to Utilize People and Resources

Zebra's Intelligent Automation solutions power transformative outcomes at the edge. Pairing man with machine like never before, transform your operations into dynamic and highly efficient workflows. Discover just-in-time solutions to business challenges. Liberate workers from repetitive tasks to contribute where they add the most value. Gain unmatched enterprise visibility to make sharper decisions fueled by data-driven intelligence. And, do it all without impacting your existing infrastructure.

Intelligent Automation

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Move any type of payload—from pallets, cases and individual items to dunnage—without taking associates away from important tasks.

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Fetch Robotics Blue Flashes in Warehoouse

Minimize Waste, Maximize Productivity

Keep production lines moving and enable lean manufacturing by removing non-value added activities with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Let Zebra Design an Intelligent Automation Solution to Meet Your Needs