Fleet Management & Delivery

Maximize Productivity 

Ensure Punctual Deliveries 

Having the right goods and materials, where and when they’re needed, enhances service levels inside and outside of your organization. By optimizing the fleet of vehicles and drivers servicing your supply chain and end customers, you can efficiently respond to demands including rising fuel costs, compliance mandates, and increased customer service expectations.


The work of your plant or warehouse doesn’t stop at the loading dock.

Whether you leverage your own private fleet of vehicles for distribution or if you work with a network of carriers, your customers care about their order from the moment they place it until it’s delivered, and everywhere in between.

Maximizing truck utilization and driver productivity for efficient route planning requires visibility of vehicle locations, assurance of fleet performance and safe communication with drivers throughout the day.


Our Fleet Management & Delivery Operation solutions allow you to communicate with your drivers anytime, anywhere; proactively maintain your fleet; and track driver and vehicle performance. Customers are able to better plan for the receipt of their order with visibility to the full contents and history of a shipment.

Drivers can easily scan pieces, parcels, pallets and even whole containers at every step to dynamically record their pickup or delivery, plus they can electronically capture signatures and take high-quality photos to validate work performed.

Zebra's fleet management and delivery validation technologies speed deliveries to your customers, enhances transparency and ultimately, ensures your last mile doesn’t become the first reason why your customers look elsewhere.


  • Improve driver productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance customer experience by empowering your drivers with mobility
  • Monitor vehicle location and behavior to increase safety and gain visibility
  • Meet compliance mandates and manage labor with accurate reporting and tracking Easily repair and maintain your fleets with automated processes and record-keeping

Recommended Components for Fleet Management & Delivery

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community and the best partner network to implement and service.


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