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Increase Operational Efficiency with Zebra Intelligence Solutions 

Zebra’s visionary products, software and real-time location solutions not only make patient care smarter and more connected than ever, they also reduce waste and lower costs. Visibility into the location and health of patients, staff and each critical asset provides the difference between guessing and knowing, ensuring caregivers make intelligent decisions and act with confidence.

Healthcare Technology Insights

Explore how others in the healthcare industry have utilized Zebra solutions to improve patient safety, streamline clinical workflows and deliver patient-centered care.

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business leaders identified the Internet of Things as the most important strategic technology initiative this decade

Source: Internet-Of-Things Solution Deployment Gains Momentum Among Firms Globally Forrester Consulting

Zebra RFID System

University Health System in San Antonio Helps Drive Inventory Utilization Improvement

Danish 'Super' Hospital

A better way to track and locate staff, medical equipment, samples and medication

Intelligence Solution Areas

  • Hospital Asset and Equipment Tracking

    Zebra's solution will automatically note the location of an asset or device as it moves throughout the facility — providing real-time visibility into the whereabouts of each and every item.

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  • Hospital Staff Tracking

    Zebra's enabling technologies - including RFID and RTLS - illuminate the daily events involving your assets, people and actions.

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  • Patient Tracking

    Zebra solutions track patients through the entire patient journey, reducing paperwork and maximizing caregiver time with patients.

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  • Healthcare Supply Chain Management

    Automate Supply Chain Management to make sure that you always have the right supplies, equipment and medications on hand to treat patients.

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  • WLAN Connectivity and Network Assurance

    Deliver high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity and communication among all healthcare systems.

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