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Laboratory Solutions

Reduce Sample Misidentification and Improve Lab Workflows

Hospitals and independent labs improve specimen identificaiton accuracy and tracking efficiency with Zebra Laboratory Solutions.  By barcoding all samples and aliquots either at the bedside or in the lab, manual data entry is eliminated and in turn errors are drastically eliminated while cutting costs and saving time.  

Whether your need is mobility or your desktop space is limited, we have a printer specifically designed for you complete with software, supplies and service.


Comprehensive Solution Set 

Zebra’s comprehensive Laboratory Solution reduces risks associated with misidentification of samples.  The set includes:

Point of care mobile printer QLn220 or desktop ZT-series or G-series printers 

Print management software, Link-OS

Robust set of labeling supplies

ZebraCare, keeping your barcode printers and card printers in optimum working condition 


Lab Application Printers

Healthcare GK420

Zebra’s GK420 Healthcare desktop printer is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.  Staff must keep all tools free of germs, blood or other infectious liquids to safeguard patient health.  Our healthcare printers are constructed using durable, disinfectant-ready materials to ensure they withstand cleaning over their lifetime.



The new ZT Series of printers incorporates extensive customer feedback and the legacy of industry leader S4M and SM400 printers.  The ZT line comes with special bifold doors expediating media management and saving space.  



With the ZD500R's automatic calibration, you'll enjoy lower media costs, less waste and fewer roll changes.  Featuring UHF RFID encoding capabilities, this printer is ideal for retail tagging, manufacturing, government and healthcare tracking.



If desktop space is an issue, this LP2824Plus line of reliable printers delivers.  Faster throughputs result in less downtime, compact size to save space and easy media loading.  Instant reset button increases work efficiency.  


Morristown Memorial Hospital Case Study

Barcoding for a dramatic improvement in patient safety.  

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Understanding Mobile Printing Technology and Capabilities

Gain flexibility and print materials on demand, where and when you need them.  Improve:

Worker productivity

Labeling accuracy

Responsiveness to customer needs

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Clarity at the Point of Care

Take the 1-minute assessment and find out how clear your lab labeling processes are. You'll get an immediate report card identifying any gray areas you may have and ways to eliminate them.

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