Food Safety Solutions

kitchen staff and chefs preparing food

The Secret Ingredient to Food Safety

Food safety is fundamental to the success of any food and beverage and hospitality operation. Improper handling puts both employees and guests at risk of potentially serious food-borne illness. Zebra’s mobile computers and tablets coupled with Disney CHEFS™, powered by iCertainty software, automates food safety procedures, eradicates manual, time-intensive paper records, reduces or eliminates the threat of food spoilage, enables traceability and automates process control as well as employee monitoring and accountability.

Automate Food Safety Procedures

Real-time food safety solutions enable managers to recognize issues before they become a problem and improve operational efficiency.

Ensure HACCP Compliance

By following HACCP procedures, food and beverage and hospitality providers can control proper handling, critical temperatures and other factors that make food safe for guests and employees.

Build a Food Safety Culture

Today’s mobile technologies help food and beverage and hospitality operators create an environment in which food safety is ensured — from food transport and storage to preparation and service.

Automating Food Safety Assurance

Learn how Zebra and Disney CHEFS™ are automating food safety procedures from the moment food is received at the loading dock to just before guests’ savor their first bites.

Chefs cooking in a restaurant kitchen

Recognize Food Safety Issues Before They Can Become a Problem

Enhanced food safety protocols lead to more productive employees, more delighted guests and a more profitable, sustainable business.

Let Zebra Design a Food Safety Solution to Meet Your Unique Needs

Build Your Food Safety Solution


Zebra’s touch-screen mobile computers and tablets provide the power to assure food safety and deliver on your brand promise for every guest, every time.


Disney CHEFS™ is a fully integrated food safety/HACCP tool offered by iCertainty through its licensed technology agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It is built upon Disney’s award-winning food safety training program as recognized by the International Association for Food Protection Black Pearl Award for excellence in food safety.


Zebra services provide support at every step of your food and beverage technology solution implementation.