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Elevate Strategy and Execution

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You've Got This

Retail transformation is nothing new for you. It’s just happening much faster and in more ways. You’re still guided by one thing…the customer is always right. And today’s customer wants to be right, right away. There’s a lot to do, but you’ve got this…it’s all very solvable. You know where you want to go…you just need the right partner. One that leads with decades of experience and a legacy of innovation to help you drive retail strategy and execution at the same time. That partner is Zebra.

So, let’s put our heads together to innovate, and do retail that’s right for the times. Let’s scale and energize your CX strategy with a digital backbone that unifies your team, informs priorities, and drives results.

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Inventory and Fulfillment

Optimized Efficiency

Inventory is your largest investment and also a major element of customer satisfaction. It demands optimization. Understanding what best moves inventory to the customer on their terms will enhance the overall experience. The only way to achieve this is through Better In-stock and Order Fulfillment.

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Smarter Operations

Build Consistent Reliability

Labor is your largest expense and rising wages along with scarcity demands a smarter operation. Aligning with what makes operational execution most efficient will drive profits. Your ideal strategy is Empowered Staff Execution.

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Elevate Customer Experience

The Right Platform

Customer’s expectations are higher than ever, which results in a demand for more convenience. To get ahead, you’ll need to align with what drives customer satisfaction in every visit. Your best bet? Anywhere Checkout.

Employee in a grocery store scanning an item using a Zebra device.

Actionable Insights

Sense, Analyze and Act

Let’s augment workers, to instill new pride, preserve their well-being, and free their time for higher value work. Let’s reveal timely insights, and connect workflows, to act now…and stay ahead of what’s next. You need smart environments with the insight and intelligence to optimize performance. How? Harness the power of data.

The Latest in Retail

Zebra mobile devices used for retail order fulfillment

Streamline printer management with MPS

Be free from managing large printer fleets and supplies replenishment with Managed Print Services from Zebra.

The Intersection of Transformational Software and Next Gen Devices

Zebra’s combined hardware and software solutions enable retailers to optimize labor, empower associates and increase inventory visibility.

The Two-Way Radio Hasn’t Gone Out of Style. It’s Just Changed Its Style – and Gained in Value as Collaboration Becomes Essential.

Workers need to be able to make good decisions in a split second, but they can’t always do that on their own. Modern collaboration technologies are helping them reach the right experts fast.

Design a Retail Solution to Deliver a Performance Edge