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Asset Protection

Identify and Stop Fraud Faster

Report-based solutions are no longer sufficient for the modern demands and challenges of asset protection. Identify and resolve cases of shrink, non-compliance, discount abuse and more in real time with the simple corrective actions of Zebra Prescriptive Analytics. An essential tool for the modern asset protection professional, without the typical mountain of complex reports.

  • Eliminate Fraud

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics alerted a grocer to an unusually high number of markdowns at self-checkout. An AP manager confirmed a self-checkout attendant was letting his family use 50%-off candy markdowns on meat and energy drinks. He was fired.

  • Drive Compliance

    A general retailer’s AP team received an alert about an increase in hand-keyed cash refunds in the “NONFOOD” category. They found cashiers were refunding gift cards for cash against policy due to a training gap. Retraining was conducted.

  • Minimize Waste

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics alerted a grocer to an increased damage rate for large eggs. Root-cause analysis traced the problem to a DSD vendor packing the eggs in undersized cartons due to a supply shortage. The vendor issued a large credit.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for:

Store Operations

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics empowers store managers to increase sales, optimize the customer experience and improve essential KPIs.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics effectively improves logistical operations throughout the supply chain.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics is an effective choice for CIOs, offering fast deployment times, training and leading cyber security services.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics drives operational excellence throughout your warehouse, especially around productivity, compliance, labor efficiency and waste.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics helps identify the root causes of underwhelming numbers before losses increase.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics helps merchandisers, buyers, allocators and planners maximize sell-through, optimize assortment, improve quality and more.

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