Self-Directed Inventory Solutions

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Full Store Physical Inventory Solutions

  • Robust simple to deploy physical inventory solutions
  • Annual PI sets the financial benchmark
  • Audit apps supported by the Big 4 auditing firms
  • Web based portal for real-time inventory results & visibility
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Cycle Count Solutions

  • Cycle Counting becomes an integral part of every Inventory Management program
  • Prescriptive in design – directs what merchandise in which stores to count
  • Validate on-hands
  • Identify and manage shrink
  • Ensures inventory data integrity
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Hosted RFID Solutions

  • Fully RFID Enabled – Available now and when your technology roadmap dictates
  • Significantly elevates inventory accuracy
  • Inventory results and online visibility available in real time.

Full Store Physical Inventory Solutions

Zebra offers robust, simple-to-deploy physical inventory solutions – with audit applications approved by the Big 4 auditing firms – that are out-of-the-box simple. We begin by providing you with best-in-class mobile scanning technology already loaded with Zebra’s proprietary software and your inventory files – including the SKU’s in each of your merchandise categories – to improve scanning accuracy and reduce read time for every scan.

Each inventory scanning system kit includes the right number of Zebra wireless handheld scanning equipment needed to support each of your store’s specific inventory programs. Every store has access to web-based portals for real-time support, results reporting and complete inventory visibility. Greater accuracy, improved item-level visibility and lower costs – all from Zebra.

Cycle Count Solutions

Zebra inventory solutions also apply to cycle counts that provide greater inventory integrity and deliver a timely snapshot of select inventory triggered by seasonal change, upcoming events, shrinkage concerns or replenishment and customer fulfillment demands. You know when and how to do cycle counting and if not, Zebra’s data analytics engine can prescribe a cycle count schedule for you.

Our self-directed cycle counting event solutions are also out-of-the-box complete. Category and merchandise-oriented, they target selected departments, categories or stores with hardware and software solutions that validate physical inventory, identify and manage shrink and ensure inventory data integrity. Zebra’s solutions provide valuable and timely information enabling your merchandising, operations and loss prevention leaders to make better decisions.

Hosted RFID Solutions

Zebra’s web-based reports provide your management team with virtual oversight of every aspect of your auditing procedure while it is in progress.

As retailers look for maximum inventory accuracy, deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems is on the rise. An RFID system of tags and readers can improve on-shelf availability while boosting inventory accuracy in an omnichannel retail environment. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of retailers are turning to RFID technology to enable enhanced omnichannel merchandise availability, reduce manpower needs and save on labor costs.

Zebra is an industry leader in designing RFID solutions to increase store, warehouse and merchandise availability and security while optimizing productivity. Zebra’s self-directed inventory solutions can also empower you to take maximum advantage of your RFID technology to increase inventory and cycle count accuracy.

Physical Inventory Accuracy Becomes More Important Than Ever Before – Zebra Can Help

Zebra is the global leader in physical inventory management solutions designed for the retail industry – delivering greater accuracy, real-time merchandise visibility and very significant savings to support your auditing procedures.

Zebra Retail Solutions Self-Directed Inventory Offering