“A Later Version of this Software Has Been Detected. Installation Will Now Terminate” Displays During PSDK for PPT88xx CE.NET 4.2 Install

Article ID: 50592913


When trying to install the PSDK for the PPT88xx CE.NET 4.2 on a development PC, the following error occurs: "A later version of this software has been detected. Installation will now terminate."


PPT88xx, MC90xx

Root Cause

The logic in the Install Shield program is checking against the related products currently installed and it identifies MC9000 CE.NET 4.2 PSDK as a related product. This is a bug in the Install Shield.


To bypass this bug, the PSDK forPPT88xx CE.NET 4.2 must be installed before the MC9000 CE.NET 4.2 PSDK.

  1. Uninstall the Symbol PSDK for MC9000c42.
  2. Install the PSDK for PPT8800c42.
  3. Install PSDK for MC9000c42.

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