Adding Licenses to an RFS Controller

Article ID: 04836187


How to add licenses to my RFS switch? How to add AP licenses to an RFS controller? How to add AAP licenses to an RFS controller?


Customer received new License Certificates and needs to add them to their existing Switch. A new configuration key needs to be generated with the license certificates that were purchased before they can be added to an existing RFS controller.


1.    Customer must first purchase the licenses through their reseller.
2.    Obtain the License Certificate containing the serial #'s for the different license counts purchased
3.    Visit Zebra Enterprise Support Portal and log in. Read More>>
4.    Enter the serial number of the controller and specify the RFS model type
5.    Select "Add Certificates"
6.    Under LICENSES, enter the license serial number in the appropriate AP or AAP license box
7.    Select "Apply"
8.    Select "Complete"
9.    Copy the new configuration key
10.    On the Controller, navigate to CONFIGURATION--DEVICE--   and select the RFS controller that the licenses will be applied to.  If a cluster, apply to the primary active controller. Download>> My Licenses - License Key Activation pdf
11.    Select LICENSES from new device menu.
12.    Enter new Certificate Key under AP or Adaptive AP License field and click "OK"
13.    Commit and Save
14.    Licenses will now be added to the existing license count and additional AP/AAPs can be adopted.