Adjusting Left Position and Top Position on Zebra Barcode Printers

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Adjusting left position and top position to compensate for incorrectly printed text on your label

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All ZPL Zebra Barcode Printers
Excludes: 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53 Firmware Version), 888 DD/TT Series, MZ Series, ZQ110, EM220, EM220II


It is recommended to correct issues with label objects being printing in the incorrect label location within your software or application rather than using the top position and left position.  However, these options can be used for minor adjustments.

The Zebra driver as well as the ZPL programming language allow for adjustments to the top position of your printed label objects as well as the left position.  The top position can be used to move all objects up or down on the label and the left position can be used to move objects left and right.  When using the left position it is important to note that label objects will stop at the "0" position meaning that they can't move any farther left than what the printer thinks is the left edge of the label, see example below:  

Initial label before adjustments:

User-added image

Left Position Set at +1.0" or -1.0" :

User-added image

As you can see, the print stops at the "0" point while the other text continues to be moved causing an overlap of printing.  If you enter a positive value into the left position the label objects will move towards the left side of the label (if looking at it as it feeds from the printer).  If you enter a negative value the objects will move away from the left side of the label.  There is no minimum or maximum value that can be used.  For example, if you enter a value of -4.0" on a 4" wide label, the objects will be pushed 4" from the left hand side of the label causing all of the label objects to be outside of the label dimensions.

The top position can cause print to fall over two label or print across a gap in two labels if improperly set, see below: 

User-added image


When using the top position, calibration can be affected.  If the top position set pushes the contents outside of the calibrated label length you may see two labels be printed or fed out as the printer attempts to compensate.  Unlike left position, you only have a range of -0.39" to +0.39".  

Again, because of the potentially larger problems that these adjustments can cause, it is recommended to use for only minor adjustments.  Any major adjustments should be made via the application you print from.

Using the ZDesigner Driver for your printer:

You will need to first access your printer's properties.  Once in the Printer Properties, you should see the "Preferences" button at the bottom of the "General" tab within the properties.  Click this button to open the preferences and then click on the "Advanced Setup" tab.  Within this tab you can adjust the Top position, Tear off position, and Left position. 

Note: This example is from a ZPL driver.

User-added image

This adjustment can be made via the driver or the application if using the printer driver.

Note: Tear off is also an option in this section.  A positive value in this parameter will cause the label to feed out past the tear off point and a negative value will stop the feed after printing before the tear off point.

Adjusting Settings via ZPL:

If you are using direct ZPL programming language to generate print jobs you will have to include the proper command in order to set a left position or top adjustment. Below are the commands:

Label Shift ^LS (Left Position):

User-added image

Label Top ^LT (Top Position):

User-added image

Some printers with an LCD display also have the option to have these values set via the front panel.  However, if the driver is set differently or the ZPL sent to the printer has a different value then the front panel/printer settings will be overwritten and the print job will use the driver or ZPL settings. 

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