105SL Printer -- Head Open Error Discussion

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Menu displays Error Condition - Head Open

This solution is useful for

  • Troubleshooting Error Condition - Head Open


Symptoms addressed by this solution include 

  • LCD display reads Error Condition - Head Open
  • Blinking Error LED and Pause Light is on

 Applies To

105SL Printer

Cause or Overview

The printhead must be closed and latched to allow the printer to perform any printing functions. A sensor located in the electronics compartment detects the head open and closed positions. When the printhead is opened the printer will be Paused and the LCD Display will display


 When the printhead is closed the LCD Display will read


Press the Pause Button to clear the HEAD OPEN ERROR.


If the printer will not unpause when pressing the PAUSE Button and the error persists verify the printhead latch is fully closed. 

If the printhead is obviously closed and the printer still reports a HEAD OPEN error message then the head open sensor needs to be checked.

  • The head open/closed sensor assembly is located in the electronics compartment of the printer. Its components include a rotating plastic flag and a fixed sensor with a slot that the flag moves through. When the print head is closed the flag should be inside the sensor slot. When the print head is opened the flag should rotate out of the sensor slot. If there is a problem with this movement the snap fit button or screw that secures the flag may have come loose causing the flag to be out of position.


These links provide details related to a maintenance function where you are accessing the electronics.

Note: This is intended for a qualified service technician only. 

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