110PAX4 & 170Pax4 - Label Calibration

110PAX4 & 170Pax4 - Label Calibration

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Calibrating the printer to the labels used for printing. Calibration can correct the following sypmtoms:

Prints, then skips a label or feeds blank labels
Print is overlapping onto next label
Print position is drifting up and down on the labels
Labels stop printing in random locations
Paper out error on the LCD Display

Applies To

110Pax4 and 170Pax4


The printer must be calibrated to the labels you are using so the sensors are able to consistently find the top of form and assure each label is propely positioned during printing. 


Perform the printer calibration procedure. Read More>>

Helpful Information

Using the  Zebra Designer Driver: Print Settings Read More>>
Using the ZSU utility to configure the printer Read More>>
ZPL Command Details Read More>>
For non-Zebra software or driver information, contact the vendor's technical support.


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