2824 Plus Series: Calibrating the Printer

2824 Plus Series: Calibrating the Printer

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Understanding the media configurations needed for the 2824 Plus printer for proper calibration and avoiding the Red Flashing Light errors. Problems that this will address include:

  • FEED Button flashing red
  • Prints, then skips a label or is skipping labels
  • Print is overlapping onto next label
  • Print position is drifting up and down on the labels
  • Labels stop printing in random locations
  • Prints labels then the Feed Button light starts to flash Red


Applies To

LP2824 Plus
TLP2824 Plus

The 2824 Plus printer must be configured using a Driver, Utility, or Label Application. These produce configuration commands using the printer programming language that must be communicated to the printer for initial setup and are often included with your label request when you print. Therefore it is important that you assure your host device or application is properly configured for the media you intend to use.

In addition, the 2824 Plus also allows for a button flash sequence to allow calibration of the labels. It should be noted that these configurations will be overwritten by any driver or application settings when you send your label request. Feed Button configurations  Read More>>



The printer can be used for a variety of media and verifying the media related settings is required when any problems are encountered.

See the Printer Setup Document for full configuration of your printer  Read More>>


The Media Sensors

The printer comes with sensors for label tracking based on the Media Type used. There is combined reflective and transmissive sensor positioned slightly off centered in the media path. The sensor you will use requires configuration of the Tracking Mode (Mark/Web/Continuous) setting to function with the media you are using. A hole or black mark must pass over the media sensor's position to function correctly.

See the TLP2824 Plus Sensors.  Read More>>   

See the LP2824 Plus Sensors.  Read More>>  


Calibrate the printer for the media.

The printer does not measure the label length unless the default Power Up or Head Close values are altered to either Length or Calibrate. There are two calibration methods to consider if the labels fail to calibrate properly.

- The 2 Flash sequence will find the label gap and measure the label.

Performing the Calibration Procedure (Two Flash sequence)  Read More>>

- The 7 button flash will perform a deeper analysis of the gap or mark and will produce a media sensor profile. 

Performing the Manual Calibration Procedure (Seven Flash sequence)  Read More>>


Note: If the printer fails after receiving a label request from your data source then there are likely commands being sent from the host that are overwriting the printer configurations. Check your host driver or application settings and assure they match the printer settings. 

Common Issues and Resolutions


Problem Resolution
Flashing Red Light 
  • Perform the FEED Button Two Flash procedure.
  • Check Media and if used, Ribbon Loading 

    - Loading for Tear Off Read More>>

    - If using ribbon - Ribbon Loading Read More>>

    If you are using ribbon make sure the core is seated on the spindle hub. Any slippage could cause an error. 

  • Try Defaulting the printer (Feed Button Four  Flash) Read More>>

    Then do the Feed Button Two Flash Read More>>

  • Verify the correct sensor is selected for the media type. Gap or Web sensing for labels with a gap/hole and Mark for labels with a black bar. This must be done from your driver or application. 
  • Perform Manual Calibration (Feed Button 7 Flash) Read More>>  

    If the problem persist the Media Sensor Profile can be sent to Tech Support for analysis 

    Note: Press the FEED Button after calibrating. If one label feeds each time pressed then the printer is properly calibrated. Verify Software/Driver settings are not changing the calibrated values or printer configurations.



Labels are skipping or 

the print image is wandering                                                      

  • Perform the FEED Button Two Flash procedure.
  • Check Media Loading and assure the guides are keeping the media aligned Read More>>
  • Verify the printer is set to the correct Media Type. If set to Continuous the printer will not track Top-of-Form. Configure your printer for Gap or Web sensing for labels with a gap/hole and Mark for labels with a black bar. This must be done from your driver or application. 
  • Verify the labels are compatible with the media specifications Read More>>
  • Press the FEED Button. If one label feed each time pressed, check your label format or Driver/Software for the source of the problem. Check your label setup in your application or driver to assure it is not larger than the actual label.
  • Perform Manual Calibration Read More>>
    If the problem persist a Media Sensor Profile can be sent to Tech Support for analysis Read More>>

Helpful Information


 These are free utilities or applications that can be used to configure a connected printer


Application or Utility Comment
Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>                                            

This is a free Windows based utility that features a printer setup wizard for simple printer or network setup.  


ZebraNet Bridge  Read More>>                                 

This is a Windows based enterprise application for network printer management but is free to use for configuring a network or locally connected printer


ZebraNet Print Server Webpage Read More>>                               

The ZebraNet Print Server has a Webpage that is accessed from a browser when you enter the printer's IP Address. Printer configurations can be viewed and altered.


ZebraDesigner Driver Read More>>                                                                    

If you are using the ZebraDesigner Driver there is a Printing Preferences section that allows you to configure your printer.



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  • 2824 Plus Series
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