2824-Z / 2844-Z / 3842-Z Series: Calibrating the Printer

2824-Z / 2844-Z / 3842-Z Series: Calibrating the Printer

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Calibrating the printer to the labels used for printing

Calibration can correct the following sypmtoms:

Prints, then skips a label or feeds blank labels
Print is overlapping onto next label
Print position is drifting up and down on the labels
Labels stop printing in random locations
Prints labels then the light starts to flash

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Calibration ensures correct and consistent positioning of the print on the label and error free printing.


1. Determine the media type you are using in the printer. It can be non-continuous gap or have a centered hole that is used for sensing, media with a black mark on the backing, or continuous journal media with no sensing items to determine top of form. For details on media types Read More>>

2. Load the media (and ribbon if used) in the printer 

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3. Perfom Calibration

Auto Calibration

If using non-continuous gap or notched media, perform Standard Media Calibration to set the printer to the correct label length. If using non-continuous media with black marks, perform Manual Media Calibration instead.

With the printer turned ON and top cover closed,

  • Press and hold the feed button until the green LED status light flashes once.
  • Continue holding the feed button until the green LED light flashes four (4) times in quick succession.


This triggers Standard Media Calibration. Labels will feed as the printer calibrates.

Then press the Feed button and one label should be issued. If this is successful, try printing from an application. 
If pressing the Feed button does not result in successful label feed or the printer goes into a Red Flashing light error state try Manual Calibration.  

Manual Calibration

Manual Calibration Procedure Read More>>


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Helpful Information

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For non-Zebra software or driver information, contact the vendor's technical support.


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