28xx/38xx Series - Cutter option setup and issues

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Important: If you are using an LP2844 printer that is used for or supplied by a shipping vendor (i.e. UPS or FedEx for example) DO NOT try to load standard firmware or drivers from the Zebra Website. These printers are used exclusively with the shipping vendor's driver and label application. Read More>>

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Cutter Option Details

How to use the cutter

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LP2844, TLP2844, TLP3842


Cutter Function

The cutter option is used to automatically cut labels after printing. The cutting should be enabled by your Driver or Software configuration. There should be a setting that refers to Cutter in the setup selections. If you are using direct EPL Programming the EPL command OC is used to enable the cutter.

If the printer is not cutting labels verify that the cutter is enabled by performing an Autosense routine to check the printers internal settings. On the printout, under Options:, there should be a C listed to indicate the cutter is enabled. If your utility or driver includes configuration of a batch cut value make sure it is not set to zero.

See the Autosense printout details Read More>>

If you observe the printer is not set to cutter (there is no C in the Options list) verify your Driver or Application settings to assure the Cutter is selected. 

Example of an AutoSense Print Out  - Note the C under Option

UKQ1935  U       V4.70.1C  
S/N: 41J113300783
Serial port:96,N,8,1
Page Mode
Image buffer size:0507K
Fmem used: 0 (bytes)
Gmem used: 0
Emem used: 0
Available: 654847
I8,0,032 rY JF WY
S3 D07 R208,0 ZT UN
q408 Q304,24
06 10 18 
Cover: T=201, C=239


Cutting Issues

The most common issue with the cutter occurs when the labels are repeatedly being cut through the adhesive. This results in label jamming as the glue builds up on the cutter. 

  • The cutter option is designed to cut through labels with no adhesive or through the part of a label where the blades would not have to pass through adhesive material. If the cutter repeatedly cuts through adhesive material the adhesive will build up on the blades and eventually jamming will occur or failure to cut properly. The printer will need to be serviced and have the cutter replaced. 


Additional Information

Viewing the printer configuration Read More>>

Configuring the printer using the Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>

Configuring the printer using the ZebraDesigner Driver Read More>>

Auto Sense Procedure
1. Make sure you have configured your driver or application for the media type you are using. Gap/Web or Black Bar (Mark). Send a test print to the printer before proceeding so it is properly configured. Note: You can only send data when the button is green so cycle power if the printer button is red.
2 Turn off printer and have media loaded
3. Hold feed button down, and turn printer back on
4. When the red light starts flashing, release the feed button.
5. Printer light will turn green and advance a few blanks.
6. After printer stops advancing and prints the internal information, press the feed button one time.
7. You will get another label with the "Out of Dump" message on it.

The printer should feed one label each time you press the Feed Button. If one label is issued each time you press the Feed Button the printer has been properly calibrated.


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