28xx/38xx Series - green light, red light, amber light, orange light indicators

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Important: If you are using an LP2844 printer that is used for or supplied by a shipping vendor (i.e. UPS or FedEx for example) DO NOT try to load standard firmware or drivers from the Zebra Website. These printers are used exclusively with the shipping vendor's driver and label application. Read More>>


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This information is useful for:

  • Interpreting the status light

Symptoms addressed by this solution include: 

  • solid green light
  • solid red light
  • solid orange light ( amber light )

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Important: All printer settings can be impacted by commands sent from a mis-matched or mis-configured driver or software application. If the printer is functioning fine after setup but fails or indicates an error after label requests are received it is most likely affected by the host side mis-configuration of the driver or printer software settings. The host device that generates the printer commands for printing typically include printer command configurations. Assure all settings on your host driver or application match the functioning printer settings to avoid intermittent issues.


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Status Light Button Detail

The status indicator light is located on the feed button and indicates the current status of the printer. Regardless of the color, this status light is on anytime the printer is on.

The  LED is  off.  

The printer is not receiving power. 

  • Have you turned on the printer power?
  • Check power connections from the wall outlet to the power supply, and from the power supply to the printer.
  • Disconnect the printer from the wall outlet for 30 seconds and then reconnect the printer to the wall outlet. 
  • Verify you have the correct power supply. It should have a label that reads Output: 20 VDC, 2.5A (or 3.0A)


 User-added image Solid Green The printer is on and in an idle state.

No action necessary 

 User-added image Solid Amber (Orange) The printer error Head Open.

Solid amber light will be displayed if the printhead is open, not latched down all the way. Press down on the top cover of the printer to see if the error light clears and goes to green.

User-added image Solid Red  This indicates the printer is in an error state and will not print until the error is cleared. Check the following items to resolve the problem. Here is a list of the common issues.

A solid red light will occur if:

  • The printer is out of labels - Reload labels
  • The printer is out of ribbon ( TLP models only) - Reload ribbon 
  • The printhead is open (amber may appear red) , not latched down all the way. Press down on the top cover of the printer to see if the error light clears and goes to green.
  • The ribbon spool is slipping on the ribbon spool holder (TLP models only) Read More>>
  • The printer is not calibrated for the media being used. Make sure you have selected Gap or Web in your driver or application if using media with a gap between the labels. If you are using media with black bars on the backing make sure your driver or application is set to Mark or Black Bar. Once that is set then you can run AutoSense.

Auto Sense Procedure

1. Make sure you have configured your driver or application for the media type you are using. Gap/Web or Black Bar (Mark). Send a test print to the printer before proceding so it is properly configured.
Note: You can only send data when the button is green so cycle power if the printer button is red.
Turn off printer and have media loaded
3. Hold feed button down, and turn printer back on
4. When the red light starts flashing, release the feed button.
5. Printer light will turn green and advance a few blanks.
6. After printer stops advancing and prints the internal information, press the feed button one time.
7. You will get another label with the "Out of Dump" message on it.


User-added image  Solid Red - This is less common. The printer may indicate this error if it was configured for Cutter Mode and there is no cutter option installed. Verify your driver or application is not set to configure the printer to cut labels.


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