Video: 28xx or 38xx Series Label Loading

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Loading the printer for your printing application

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LP/TLP2844. TLP3842


The printer supports several modes of operation that determine the presentation of the label after printing.

Tear Off - (Standard) The label is presented with the gap or top of form resting at the tear off edge. Read More>>

Dispenser - (Peel, optional spindle required) Allows for printing of a single label which is peeled and presented awaiting removal. Read More>>

Cutter - ( Optional cutter module required) Printer cuts the label as determined by the EPL command settings. Load the same as in Tear-Off but feed the labels through the cutter. 

Fanfold - Fanfold label stack is placed behind the printer and are fed through an opening at the back of the printer. Read More>>

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User-added image Click here to view video -> LP Printer Label Loading Video


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  • 2824 Series Desktop Printers