40mm Media Supply Spindle on ZT610 ZT620

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Issue / Question

Is there a 40mm Media Supply Spindle available for the ZT610 ZT620?

Applicable To

ZT610, ZT610R, ZT620, ZT620R

Resolution / Answer

The ZT610 or ZT620 printers have media supply spindles as standard. These spindles are designed for label rolls with a 76mm core.

The optional media supply hangers are also designed for label rolls with a 76mm core.

Part numbers for the optional media supply hangers are:
• ZT610 / ZT610R Media Supply Hanger - P1083320-059
• ZT620 / ZT620R Media Supply Hanger - P1083320-061

There are currently no 40mm Media Supply Spindles or 40mm Media Supply Hangers for the ZT610 / ZT610R or ZT620 / ZT620R printers.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT600 Series RFID Printers