802.11r Fast Roaming Support on Zebra Link-OS Printers

Article ID: 72051762

Issue / Question

Which radio card on the printers supports 802.11r?

Applicable To

ZQ300 Series, ZD410 D, ZT600 Series, ZQ600 Series, ZD10-HC and ZT510 with A/C Radio

Resolution / Answer

802.11r is supported on printers with the A/C radio only.

To find out if your printer has an 802.11a/c radio installed, Click Here>>

For more details on 802.11r in general, Click Here>>

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD410D
  • ZD620-D-T
  • ZD620D
  • ZD620T
  • ZQ310
  • ZQ320
  • ZQ610
  • ZQ620
  • ZT500 Industrial Printers
  • ZT610 Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 Industrial Printer