Black Color Not Printing Dark Enough on ZXP7 & ZXP8 Card Printer

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Issue / Question

How to make the black print darker?

Applicable To

ZXP Series 7 and ZXP Series 8

Resolution / Answer

Configuration of the driver may be incorrect or in some cases the incorrect ribbon type may be being used.

There are different methods of increasing the darkness of black print on your cards.  

Below are the typical procedures that you have:

Note:  It is always recommended to ensure that you have the current drivers and firmware for your printer to ensure that the problem is not caused by an issue corrected by more current firmware or driver releases.  

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Also, if you are using third party Card stock (non-Zebra brand), it is recommended to test with Zebra media to ensure the third party media is not the cause of the poor ink transfer.

Below are setting that you will need to look into regarding correctly black panel printing issues:

The first step to take is to use the Black Panel Optimization tab to adjust the settings being used for the K panel.  This will be found within the printer's printing preferences:

Note: The ZXP Series 7 will not have the Front and Back Preheat options.

The initial recommendation when seeing poor black print on the cards is to attempt printing with these settings at "Barcode".
However, depending on your card design and media, you may need to make another selection.  For more information on selections and the K panel optimization, click the following links:

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The second option you have is to adjust the Black K Panel Extraction (similar to the ZXP Series 1 and ZXP Series 3).  This again can be done through the Card Setup tab of the printing preferences:


This option will be present for both the ZXP Series 7 and ZXP Series 8.  For more information on selections and adjustments that can be made to optimize your card output, click the following links:

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+ Applicable Products

  • ZXP Series 7 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 7 with Laminator
  • ZXP Series 8 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance Card Printer