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Cannot Change the Font Size Using CPCL

Article ID: 06688035

Issue / Question

Resetting resident fonts to their default sizes

Applicable To

ZQ510, ZQ520, QLn220, QLn320, QLn420, iMZ220, iMZ320, P4T, RP4T, RW420, RW220

Resolution / Answer

Use command below first to reset all resident font size to their default values.

To cancel any SETMAG values and allow the printer to use its default font sizes, use the SETMAG command with magnifications of 0,0.

Then reprint the format to check that the default resident font size has been restored.

The SETMAG command stays in effect after printing a label. This means that the next label printed will use the most recently set SETMAG values.

To view and download the CPCL Manual, please click here Read More>>

+ Applicable Products

  • P4T Mobile Printers
  • P4T Mobile Printers
  • QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
  • QLn Series Mobile Printers
  • RP4T RFID Printers
  • RP4T RFID Printers
  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
  • iMZ Series Mobile Printers
  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer