Card Jams in ZC10L

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Why do my cards jam in the Large format printer. Multifeeds. Not feeding

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There are two configurations of the ZC10L printer.

One confiuration will feed 17mil thick cards and the other will feed 24mil thick cards.
You can get feeding problems with either configuratipon if you have the wrong type of cards in the drawer.
The "thin" printer has a part number : ZC10L-00Q00US00
The "thick" printer has a part number :ZC10L-00QT0US00

17mil thick cards are in consumables package 105999-10L.
If you load these in a "thick" printer the feeder may attempt to feed more than one card at a time (multifeed)

24mil thick cards are in consumables package 106000-10L 
If you load these in a "thin" printer the cards may not feed out of the drawer.

Other signs that you can look for are the presence of a label on the card drawer which reads 
"Only Load 24 Mil Cards"

Loading the wrong cards in a printer will not do any permamnent damage to the device but will impact the efficiency of the printing process

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  • ZC10L Card Printer