CardStudio 2.0 License Manager

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How do I activate a CardStudio 2.0 License?

Where can I find the CardStudio 2.0 License Manger's User Guide?

Where can I find a CardStudio 2.0 License?

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Cardstudio 2.0

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The Zebra CardStudio 2.0 Software uses license activation technology. A license key is needed to activate the different CardStudio 2.0 editions. The required license keys are available and generated using the CardStudio 2.0 license Manager. Download the CardStudio 2.0.

Zebra Distributors and Resellers offer activation links connected to the specific CardStudio Edition you need. Use the activation link and login to the License manager with your Zebra ID credentials and receive the License Key.

The License Manager also offers the chance for you to log in to the license Manager with your Zebra ID, check the available products, and order/request the needed license key using the License Manager.

The CardStudio 2.0 License Manager User Guide helps you to navigate the License Manager and explains how to order, activate and manage License keys. Refer to License Manager User Guide for more information.

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