Changing The Printhead Resolution On A ZE500 Printer

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Issue / Question

Can the printhead resolution be converted in the field?

Applicable To

ZE500-4, ZE500-6

Resolution / Answer


Printhead dpi conversion kits

Identify the Media Drive System is Standard Life or Extended Life in ZE500

There are field installable kits to do printhead conversion on the ZE500 Series printers as follows:

Description Standard Life Media
Drive System Part
Extended Life
Media Drive System
Part Number
Kit Convert 203 to 300dpi ZE500-4 RH & LH P1046696-003 P1046696-140
Kit Convert 300 to 203dpi ZE500-4 RH & LH P1046696-004 P1046696-141
Kit Convert 203 to 300dpi ZE500-6 RH & LH P1046696-005 P1046696-142
Kit Convert 300 to 203dpi ZE500-6 RH & LH P1046696-006 P1046696-143

While these kits are designed for field installation all work should be performed by a factory trained technician. Zebra Repair facilities do offer this and the customer would have to inquire regarding price and availability.

Zebra Printer kits and parts can be purchased through your Zebra Reseller. An authorized reseller can be located on our website at This conversion can also be performed by the Zebra Repair facility. Call for price and availability.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZE500 Print Engines
  • ZE500 Print Engines