Changing the Wired TCP/IP Settings Through the ZT610/620 LCD Menu

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Issue / Question

Changing the Wired TCP/IP settings through the ZT610/620 LCD Menu of the printer

Applicable To

ZT610/620 Printer using an Ethernet Connection

Resolution / Answer

The following step can be used to change the Wired TCP/IP settings through the LCD Menu of the printer:

The printer's default setting is to get the Wired TCP/IP settings from DHCP.  The setting for IP Protocol must be changed from All to Permanent, in order to assign the address settings manually.

Note: There must be a live network connection for a wired print server option to be active. 

1. Press LEFT SELECT to go to the printer’s Home menu.

2. Then press the Right Arrow to scroll to the Network menu section (top row, the third icon from the left, in red box of the above picture). Once the Network Menu is highlighted, Press OK.

3. Now use the Right Arrow to scroll to the setting WIRED IP PROTOCOL.  Then use the Up Arrow to change the setting from All to Permanent.

4. Then use the Left or Right Arrow to scroll through the menu to change the TCP/IP settings as needed:  Wired IP address, Wired Subnet Mask, & Wired Gateway

5. The next step is to use the Right Arrow to scroll to Reset Network.  Then use the Left Select button to Reset the print server.

The print server will reset and the new network settings should be active afterwards.  The Network Status LED should turn solid Green.  There is no need to power cycle the printer.


Additional Information

The User Guide has details related to navigating the printer's LCD menu Read More>>

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers