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Connect a text or a .csv file to a label with ZebraDesigner Pro

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How to connect a text file to a label with ZerbaDesigner Pro?

How to connect a .csv file to a label with ZerbaDesigner Pro?

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ZebraDesigner Pro

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In order to create a label with a .csv or a text file, all the field in the file must included between quotation marks and divided by a comma.

You can use other symbols, but you'll have to enter them in the "Set the delimeter and the text qualifier" step


  • Open ZebraDesigner Pro and create the fields for the part of the label that will not change (such as id, name...).


  • Now you can connect the CSV file to the label by clicking on database and selecting the CSV file


  • The first step can be left with the default settings

In the second step, select “Delimited” and also enable the option “First row contains field names”


  • Select “comma” as delimiter and the quotation mark as text qualifier


  • In this step select each field to correct the maximum length. In case the name of the field contains commas, change the name and remove the comma.


  • Click on next to confirm the summary of the fields and click on "Finish" to complete the wizard.
At the end of this process, in the same folder where the CSV file is located, a CSH file will be generated. Since this file contains the configuration, in case of problems, if you have to restart the process from the beginning, this CSH file must be deleted, otherwise the software will keep the old configuration and this process will fail.
  • The list of fields will now be showed


  • Select the option that fits your needs; this option can be changed later by clicking on the "Database" button.


  • By selecting the first option, the software will automatically generate a text field corresponding to each field in the CSV file.
Selecting the second option will not generate any field, but you'll have to do it manually.


  • The last step is to drag the fields in the position needed.

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