Encoding Cards via Ethernet using CardStudio 1.27 with a ZXP Card Printer

Article ID: 13967492

Issue / Question

It is now possible to encode Contact and Contactless Cards over Ethernet using CardStudio 1.27 and later versions

Issue Details 

relates to article 000008066

Applicable To

ZXP Printers

Resolution / Answer

A new feature has been added to CardStudio version 1.27 that allows a user to encode Contact and Contactless Cards via the Ethernet Network. This is detailed in this document Read More>>

CardStudio V1.27 (or later) is available from the Zebra website. Read More>>

On the ZXP 7, 8 and 9 Encoding over Ethernet needs to be enabled.
This can be done via the OCP.

Please consult your printer's User Guide for further details.