GT800 Adjusting the Movable Sensor for Web (Gap) Sensing

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How do you adjust the GT800's movable sensor for web (gap) sensing of labels?

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The movable sensor supports the web/gap positions used by the legacy Zebra® desktop printer models and for some non standard media configurations. Printer’s with typical web (gap) sensing in the fixed center position or the movable sensor’s set to the default position are offset from the center of the printer  to allow for gap sensing of labels that are side by side on a roll - see below.

Web (Gap) sensing with the movable sensor can only function when the sensor’s alignment arrow points to any position on the alignment key. The sensor must be aligned with the labels The example above shows where the sensor is set if center aligned positioning is used. It will miss sensing labels with a 2-up label configuration and with the sensor in the ‘default’ position, it will be able to the detect labels and the gaps between them.

• Default — Zebra Models: G-Series™ fixed position sensors, LP/TLP 2842™, LP/TLP 2844™, LP/TLP 2042™
• Center Aligned — Zebra Model: LP/TLP 2742™

+ Applicable Products

  • GT800 Desktop Printer